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carol danvers x male reader Pairing: Avengers x Male!Reader (romantically: multiple) Plot: Dr. I liked Carol Danvers. Later, Carol Danvers got superpowers from an exploding Kree device and assumed the hero identity Ms. Interestingly, another aspect of this story as advocated by ancient rishis was that there were two elements, fire (agni for sun) and water (soma for moon), determining the gender of a child. And Nick Fury knew just how to push his luck. Sunset Views. You and Clint have a past. Marvel #1 I’m also writing for carol so if you have an idea shoot me an ask or a dm pls carol danvers carol danvers x reader mcu women mcu fandom mcu fanfiction Nov 7th, 2021 May 12, 2019 · #mcu #marvel #avengers #endgame #avengers endgame #guardians of the galaxy #gotg #gamora #zoe saldana #chris evans x reader #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers smut #tony stark x reader #marvel women #carol danvers x reader More you might like Answer (1 of 3): Rogue and Captain Marvel (Danvers) have history. I Never Loved You Carol Danvers X Reader X Yandere!Diana Prince Warning: YANDERE STUFF! DO NOT ENTER IF YOU GET EASILY TRIGGERED! Suggestive themes, bondage, literally douse yourself in holy water or somethin. "You'll see, Danvers," Fury answered her question vaguely. 2k Words. Scars Tell A Story (SPN! Lucifer x Reader) Pairing: Lucifer x gn! Reader. Sep 11, 2021 · Pairing: Carol Danvers x Female Reader Word Count: 810 A/N: You’re getting this instead of day 17 because I don’t have the motivation to start a whole new fic at the moment. A voracious reader, she dreamed of becoming an astronaut and traveling to distant planets; as a teen Apr 08, 2021 · Marvel Masterlist Last Update: 04. writer: Gerry Conway. Warnings!: There will be mentions of abuse as well as flashbacks that describe abuse (which will be in italics) so just beware! ———— “Carol I’ll be fine” you smiled up at your girlfriend, while buckling your belt to your waist that held everything you needed. ***. hulk, tonystark, deadpool. Marvel video game reality. caroldan carol danvers x reader. Dancing with myself - Kanabxanie. Brie Larson x Reader. First up, Carol Danvers goes rogue in Captain Marvel #12, the beginning of “The Last Avenger” and the debut of Dark Dec 04, 2018 · Introduced as a damsel in distress human love interest to the then-male Captain Marvel in 1968, the character of Carol Danvers has evolved greatly over the decades – assuming the mantle of the natasha romanoff x reader carol danvers x reader natasha romanoff carol danvers black widow x reader captain marvel x reader scarlett johansson brie larson marvel mcu 238 notes Mar 24th, 2020 Jun 14, 2019 · ship: carol danvers x fem!reader request(s): anon: Hello, your fics are so amazing and Captain Marvel is hot as hell. Pairings: Carol Danvers x Reader | Avengers x Reader. AU where a red string tied around your pinky is connected to your soulmate’s pinky (when the two of you are in a certain distance). notes: this was a requested piece and continues the story between Shangqi and avenger!reader Yelena Belova x Reader . k. The Air Aug 26, 2015 · X-amining Uncanny X-Men #269. Having Carol close to you made you felt more calm and safe. In fact, for many years’ after Rogue’s acceptance into the X-Men, Carol’s psyche was trapped within the villain-turned-hero. SUMMARY: Carol flirts with me so often that I begin to think she’s just playing with me. Carol Danvers appare nel film animato Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. The two of you fight against a system that is determined to see you fail. It goes both ways (finished) Carol Danvers x F!Reader. Originally posted by christopherwilde-archive. notes: this was a requested piece and continues the story between Shangqi and avenger!reader Sep 25, 2019 · Peter Parker x Male Reader. So reader brie (or lizzie) and Scarlett are invited in an Mar 26, 2019 · Carol Susan Jane Danvers is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. 4 ch. Warning/s: Slightly less angsty than my usual. Warnings: fluff overload. She breaks my door down to prove she’s not. Apr 22, 2020 · i’m re-watching captain marvel bc i’m missing carol so plssss send in some carol hc request!!! captain marvel carol danvers carol danvers hc carol danvers x reader carol danvers x fem reader 4 notes #carol danvers x reader #yandere marvel #marvel yandere #yandere carol danvers #yandere captain marvel More you might like Hey there! I know some of you are probably wondering where I have been lately, and I wish the answer was something more positive than it actually is Jan 17, 2019 · Peter Parker x Stark!Reader (Soulmate AU) This is my first Soulmate AU I’ve done so I was a bit wary but I really hope you enjoy it. Ms Marvel Vol 1 #1: Dec 1976. Oct 27, 2016 · Carol Danvers, as a character, has ties to both the X-Men and the Avengers. 5 Summary: You were planning of spending a low-key Christmas at home, when your neighbor / maybe crush asks you for an interesting favor… for you to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his judgy family off of his back. natasha romanoff x reader tony stark x reader incorrect marvel incorrect marvel quotes incorrect quotes carol danvers x reader clint barton x reader bucky barnes x Sep 29, 2019 · Carol Danvers x Natasha Romanoff (carolnat) “suck my dick” - saltyromanov “One last wish” - Subavengers “Across the way” (Carolnat x reader) - Subavengers “Across the way 2″ - Subavengers “Between us” - Missmonster2 “Special” - Subavengers . Marvel (1977) #1), and went several avata Pairing: Cedric Diggory x Male!Reader Could you possibly do a Carol Danvers/ Cpt. The same spot by the lake with its breathtaking view. I mean I don’t want to lie to Y/N, I mean I don’t wanna spy on him either but still you get the point. Norman Osborn rescued from the Raft by super-powered operatives. (Earth-16101) Ms. Summary: Carol isn’t a fan of PDA and you know that but perhaps this party could change that. (Earth-16045) The Once and Future Marvel. Without your knowledge carol scares off your exes cause she's jealous and Buy me a ☕ Character Pairing: Sam Wilson x F!Reader, Carol Danvers x F!Reader. We both didn’t know though. Mar 15, 2019 · The titular star of this latest Marvel movie, Captain Marvel, a. It’s not a perfect series, but there are some great issues. multi fandom- requests open. Everything an underground gambling ring needed. Sleep. Dubbed “Ms. Stolen away to a far future, Carol Danvers faces a threat unlike any she’s known. Clueless. a Carol Danvers, is a different kind of hero—an Air Force pilot turned space-faring warrior. Marvel appare anche in Super Hero Squad Show. Jan 29, 2021 · Posted on June 11, 2019 by Graphic Policy Team. I T - reddie - ☆ domestic!reddie (headcanon) - richie tozier - ☆ street fighter (male!reader) TEASER - stan uris - ☆ (daughter!reader) - bill denbrough - ☆ (denbrough!reader) M A R V E L - natasha romanoff - ☆ coming soon! - tony stark - ☆ coming soon! - carol danvers - ☆ villain!reader TEASER Sep 30, 2020 · Property of Carol Danvers by @imanuglywombat Peter Parker touches what does not belong to him and our reader learns a quick lesson about property in the unlawful biker world. Carol's cameo in X-Men Legends II. Dec 24, 2016 · Fu*k Captain Marvel Carol Danvers. Mar 08, 2019 · Hello, Carol Danvers! Carol Danvers is the creation of writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, first appearing as an officer in the U. I love you, but chess is not my hobby- Margot Robbie x Male Reader Carol Danvers. Carol Danvers has one of comics' most richly varied careers - both in and out of costume! She's been a U. Marvel. Peter/Reader. Pray You Feb 12, 2019 · Carol Danvers was back with a new suit and her original power set for the 2006 re-launch of Ms Marvel. Marvel drafts two new recruits from the Avengers Initiative: Machine Man and Sleepwalker! And when the young hero Araña is kidnapped, it's time for Carol to use her newly expanded Lightning Strike Force to squash an evil that hits too close to home! Dec 26, 2019 · Natasha x F!Reader. Even if you honest to god believe that the criminal justice system and police did not fuck over a woman looking for justice against her rich white famous pro-athlete rapist, Patrick Kane is still a disgusting, bigoted shitwad of a human being and there’s never an excuse to support him: Mar 19, 2012 · CA: Carol Danvers has suffered a lot of identity crises and trauma over the years, from melding her personality with Rogue to actually becoming a Kree-human hybrid, not to mention getting brainwashed and having that alternate dimension rape baby, and later becoming an alcoholic. Eventually she would be placed on testing experimental air crafts for the air force, and working for Air Force Special Operations. Written for @startrekkingaroundasgard MCU Secret Santa exchange Carol Danvers was born to Joe Danvers Sr. She entered the air force at the age of 18, both due to her love of planes and her father's inability/unwillingness to send her to college. Marvel in Ms. A/N: Aye Chapter 2! Doing the night runs of writing again. Thank you for making us “The perverts” happy :) I would like to request a Carol Danvers/Reader smut fic with strap-on and Carol being the sub. Afterwards, Carol’s body was pushed to the peak of human fitness and modified with Kree DNA. I hope you beautiful people still like it. Marvel,” the ’70s version of Mar 29, 2019 · Carol Danvers was the security chief at a military site where Mar-Vell worked as a rocket engineer under the alias Walter Lawson. Her head rests against your chest. It’s unofficially Kelly Thompson week here at the Marvel Rundown, with a pair of terrific titles from the prolific Marvel writer. You hug her tightly, you need to make sure she was real, and she was here with you. It made for wonderful date nights. Scars - Kanabxanie Clint/Reader. <3 ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Keep reading #kara danvers x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #wanda x reader #wonder woman x reader #lena luthor x reader #dc x reader #marvel x reader #imagine #wanda maximoff x reader #supergirl #boku no hero academia #pitch perfect #poison ivy x reader #glee x reader #korra x reader More you might like Jul 19, 2019 · Pairing: Carol Danvers x fem!reader (some lesbian love for you people) Style: Drabble. Carol Danvers x Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x Reader. She hadn’t known Tony long, May 21, 2019 · 「 Carol Danvers | Captain Marvel 」 Coming soon Tagged as avengers masterlist terran masterlist masterlist avengers tony stark iron man james rhodes rhodey war machine steve rogers captain america james barnes bucky barnes bucky sam wilson falcon bruce banner hulk the hulk natasha romanoff black widow clint barton hawkeye wanda maximoff Feb 23, 2021 · Carol Danvers X Natasha Romanoff - SOFT The evening hadn’t exactly gone to plan, but that tended to be the case when it came to the two women. The spectacular spinning form of the Amazing Spider-Man slowly came into view as he leaped and bounded through the baby blue skies of New York, the acrobatic vigilante was out and about performing one of his famous twenty four hour patrols. Sharon Carter. Still, he had a little more luck to push before Carol went off saving the universe again. Some of the short hair atop her head briefly Mar 23, 2021 · Carol Danvers x Reader. Ms. Originally posted by likeastormwithaskin. Mar 05, 2019 · Pretty well, it seems. Reader risks herself to save the Avengers and Carol blames herself. PROMPTS: “Is there a reason you’re blushing like that?” & “Are you flirting with me?” “You finally noticed?”. Discover more posts about carol danvers x reader. But when (Name) is forced into the past and into his younger body, he’s suddenly given the chance to start over and prevent the future from happening again. When you joined the Avengers, Carol Danvers was the first to make you feel welcome. Carol Danvers received a new codename, Captain Marvel; a new costume, courtesy of Jamie McKelvie; and another shot at an ongoing series. You and carol have a flirty and touchy relationship, you're not dating each other just very flirty. Thanks. , a former U. The black dress you wore hugged your figure deliciously. "Touching on Steve like that? Carol Danvers/Reader; Carol Danvers; Reader; Maria Rambeau; Fluff; idiots to lovers; maria rambeau is a good bro; Summary. The Sarah’s react to reader breaking up with them (GN!Reader) Apr 17, 2013 · We read the following three Carol Danvers books: (technically we had a lot of issues to read for the final one, but I thought it’d be interesting to limit the comparison to #1 issues) Ms Marvel Vol 1 – #1 – love the disembodied heads that were common on comic book covers back then. Marvel! The adventures of Carol Danvers continue! Ms. “carol, it’s in my head. Carol narrowed her eyes slightly at her old friend, tilting her head. You both are hopelessly in love with each other but too scared to admit it but it is painfully obvious to everyone else in the compound. Strange said there was only one possibility of winning the battle against Thanos. school, sexual, hare I will be writing for my favorite characters mostly marvel women but I’ll be willing to write for other fandom and male characters if I want to in the future… Marvel. You and Clint aren’t morning people. Tommy Lee. In 2012, I bought my niece Alexa a comic book, Avenging Spiderman #9 ! This was the 1st time Carol Danvers assumed the role of Captain Marvel. Tony gives Peter advice on how to ask girls out. Curiously, DC is also making a Shazam film whose history also ties into this Jul 1, 2020 - Read Chapter 22 from the story Blondes Have More Fun: Blonde Harem Girls X Male Reader by genesis25250 (Genesis-of-Next) with 1,549 reads. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. It’s like a ritual for Carol and you. ” from @buckygrantbarnes writing challenge. Sep 21, 2018 · The Battle of the Danvers - Supergirl Vs Captain Marvel. Apr 08, 2019 · Pairing: Carol Danvers x Reader. It’s your last few minutes before Carol takes off on another mission. Steve Rogers. The Sarah’s favourite activities to do with the Reader (GN!Reader) Characters: Bette and Dot Tattler, Sally Mckenna, Lana Winters, Mildred Ratched. Summary: Based on concept nr 12 “ Reader and Character sharing soft kisses, lips barely touching, just chaste little things that leave both parties irrationally breathless. Carol Danvers was the Mighty Thor. Read Space - Carol Danvers x Reader from the story Marvel/Avengers One-Shots by Mrs--Marvel (That_One_Fangirl) with 4,080 reads. Series Masterlist [a/n: please pay attach to the first page break photo stop scrolling there and then read the text portion, otherwise the photos after the first page break will spoil the rest] Jan 13, 2020 · The One With The Misunderstanding. You were in your studio working on your lastest art piece whilst Carol Danvers- jealous 🔥😡. Aug 09, 2019 · Please Don’t Go - Carol Danvers X Fem!Reader The funeral was raw, heavy, and heartachingly calm. I liked Jul 30, 2019 · Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Carol Danvers-If You See Her - Chapter 1 > Chapter 2 > Chapter 3 > Chapter 4 > Chapter 5 > Chapter 6 > Chapter 7 > Chapter 8 > Chapter 9 > Chapter 10 > Chapter 11 > Chapter 12 > Chapter 13 > Chapter 14 > Chapter 15 > Chapter 16 - Her. Leading busy lives and having what felt like a million work commitments meant that a lot of the planning had to go out of the window to squeeze in time to see one another. 1. Want to discover art related to caroldanvers? Check out amazing caroldanvers artwork on DeviantArt. Overhearing a news report about Mystique's death, she calls the X-Men for help, but quickly realizes that the powers she stole from Ms. Apr 07, 2021 · Agni, the god of fire is married both to the goddess Svaha and the male Moon god Soma with Agni having a receptive role in this relationship. Marvel are gone when she leaps out a window and lands at the feet Carol Danvers (278) Steve Rogers (251) Natasha Romanov (Marvel) (217) James "Bucky" Barnes (186) Pepper Potts (184) Clint Barton (161) Peter Parker (153) Bruce Banner (136) Include Relationships Carol Danvers/James "Rhodey" Rhodes (365) Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (126) Pepper Potts/Tony Stark (77) Tony Stark/Stephen Strange (64) Carol Danvers was already in excellent shape before she was transformed by the Psyche-Magnitron. 1 ch. She takes in the sound of your heart. "such a fucking tease," Carol sighs, holding your hands up at the wrists above your head and licking up your neck to your ear. Especially 1-4 and 21-25, authored by Roberto Delatorre. Carol and you were able to go out on the town without anyone knowing who either of you are. Reader x Bucky!Travel Blogger; Social Media AU. Being the only two Avengers to wear masks has its perks. Whereas for Carol, she tortures herself constantly pining after you. Warbirds | You and Carol meet in basic training and fall hard. Her arms were protecting you from any kind of harm. You both are trying to move on. reader is in love with Carol, but sees her flirting with a lot of different women, jumps to the wrong conclusion, and starts to ignore whenever Carol flirts with her and attempts to Carol Danvers x f!reader. Navy officer and construction worker, and Mari-Ell, a captain in the Kree Army. So if there is to be a an all-female team, at least there's an all-male one to balance things out. (A/N): This is a story I wrote Non unless a poly x reader, sorry! The Dirt: Masterlist (not yet) NOTE: Only write for the characters from the Dirt because the real life people are terrible people, thank you. Warnings: 18+, Cursing, Fingering, Oral (F receiving/giving) Slight Dirty Talk, Semi-Public. Characters: Reader x Carol Danvers Warnings: alcohol consumption Gif credit: arielabarers Sensory Prompt: 47. When he built their Cape Cod summer home, Carol insisted on working as hard as her two younger brothers, trying to make equal in her father's eyes. A Walk In the Park. Word Count: 2303 Rating: E Warnings: Angst Synopsis: You thought Sam Wilson was the love of your life. CW: Rape, Assault, Anti-Semitism, Slurs, Racism, Patrick Kane as a whole. Maybe at some point, the reader will snap. Mari-Ell had been sent to Earth on a mission to assimilate with humans and give birth to a hybrid child, but had decided to abandon her former life and cut contact with the Kree. Blame. » Loki Laufeyson x Reader. I liked Ms. (Earth-16114) Squirrel Girl vs. The Shadow; I also have an account on AO3, I’ve had it for a while and I’m currently working on a WandaNat fic over there. So like reader is in the marvel cast too, brie (or Lizzie) are in a relationship with r but they haven't told anyone except some people from the cast. Your date night takes you and her to a small restaurant that happens to have a karaoke night that night. Dec 26, 2019 · Natasha x F!Reader. ☆ hargrove!reader TEASER. X Readers - (any can be mixed and matched) Nikki Sixx. This should be fun 😂 Apr 19, 2021 · Carol pulled you even more close, trying to calm you down, whispering reassuring words in your ear. With more than 100 reviews, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s blockbuster has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 85 percent. Danvers later became the first incarnation of Ms. Word Count: 2226. Each beat is like a symphony to her. Oct 08, 2016 · This description by writer Gerry Conway opens a window into Danvers’ role in the Marvel Universe(s). Can I Be Him? (Carol Danvers x Fem! Reader) Part two! Summary: You and Carol have been the best of friends for years and years, to you it’s simply platonic. Summary: The reader, Lucifer’s soulmate, asks him why he never opens his wings around them, the one person who can see the wings. You Seen. Rogue suddenly emerges from the Siege Perilous, appearing in her old room in the X-Men's former base in Australia. Only male feminist and no matter if it's drawn by a man or a female as a long time comic book reader I appreciate good art Nov 10, 2014 · So the reclamation of Carol Danvers, via Claremont, Busiek, Bendis, and Reed, passed on to new hands in 2012, with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff x Reader. ” carol hates seeing her suffer Apr 30, 2021 · Carol Danvers x Reader. Carol Danvers was born to a human father and a Kree mother. Amidst the bleary, tearful eyes and shaking hands, Carol stood stoically. 2. Goodbye. . Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff. Ms Marvel appare nell'episodio La storia di Rogue della serie Insuperabili X-Men. 3 ch. You had planned to do it all with him – marriage, kids, see the world. Snow and Solstice | Christmas in Asgard. Carol Tag List: @allfiguredout @dversstark A/N: Carol request for you beans! Mar 22, 2019 · z nation 10k (tommy) x reader. Apr 03, 2018 · Carol Danvers is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. I had told the comic book shop owner Ken that this issue was important because it featured a new character, Robyn Hood. You notice your neighbor across the street. Carol Danvers. Hot Topic - Kanabxanie. Ships: None. Still, though, not a glare. Carol Danvers x Maria Rambeau . Her powers and code names changed along with the character’s evolution since her introduction in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March, 1968). Language: English Words: 1,365 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos See a recent post on Tumblr from @thatonebrazilian about carol danvers x reader. Carol Danvers x Natasha Romanoff x Wanda Maximoff. Marvel (Ms. I don’t know how they are going to show it in the MCU, but Rogue who first appeared in Avengers Annual #10 stole Carol Danvers’ powers, made her unconscious, and changed her existence. WC: 412. Carol swirled the whisky in her glass as she spared a quick glance at you from across the room. . Singing badly as loud as you can; Word Count: 524 A/N: okay now i remember who i was gonna write this sensory prompt with i was gonna combine the prompts but oh well (sensory prompts are not open!) Oct 28, 2019 · pairing: Shang-Chi x avenger!reader, Carol Danvers x avenger!reader. » Carol Danvers x Reader. ” I turn to him for advice after fully explaining situation. Natasha romanoff. IT’S A BRAVE NEW WORLD – AND THE START OF A BRAND-NEW ARC! New York City is under attack—but this time, Captain Marvel can’t save them. 08. pairing: Shang-Chi x avenger!reader, Carol Danvers x avenger!reader. Hey :) Carol Danvers x reader request? Carol is falling hard for reader, but is too scared to admit it/doesn't think reader feels the same so decides to try and make reader jealous by flirting with different women. Rocketman: Masterlist (not yet) X Reader - Elton John (Male Reader Jun 01, 2021 · The Sarahs with a ticklish Reader (fem!reader) Characters: Lana Winters, Sally Mckenna, Wilhemina Venable, Bette and Dot Tattler. Masterlist. S. A/N: Not my finest work but I tried. Natasha/Reader. One day, you get to meet another of Maria's trusted allies, and she can't stop flirting with you. Elizabeth Olsen x Reader A Very Colin Christmas - Colin Shea x reader: completed ch. Brand-new villains and heroes, a cast both familiar and strange and the big action you’ve Aug 20, 2013 · Character » Carol Danvers appears in 3925 issues. Carol Danvers is a force to be reckoned with, and her theatrical debut as Captain Marvel this past March showed us exactly why. warnings: swearing, kissing, drinking. Pietro Maximoff Hey it wasn't on your request list but I wondered if you could do a Brie Larson x reader if not then an Elizabeth Olsen is fine. Updated - 1/22/2020 May 24, 2019 · If you saw Captain Marvel and have even an inkling of how romantic chemistry works, you may have noticed that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) had a lot of it. In her review for TheWrap, April Wolfe praised Brie Larson Aug 13, 2016 · Funny because I discovered Carol Danvers, by accident. You're a SWORD agent, and one of Maria's most trusted allies. Follows your path to becoming fighter pilots. She then became the first Ms. Tick Tick Boom by @imanuglywombat A follow up to Property of Carol Danvers the reality of life on the wrong side of the law hits close to home. Vince Neil. warnings: pining, fluff, sort of contains a love triangle type of situation, angst if you squint . She gave you the tour of the compound, she trained with you, she checks on you Fandom: Marvel. a/n I know tumblr has been a bit glitchy recently so if there’s any problems, please let me know and i’ll try my best to fix it. Hollering. Carol Danvers X Prophet (Featuring Male Reader) DANVERS AND WILKES ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Chanting. warnings: dub-con, strap-on use, choking, mocking, pleasure Dom!Carol, sir!kink, carol with her short hair who is 6'4. 2 ch. Though Danvers first appeared in Marvel comics in 1968, she first became a superhero in 1977, at the height of second-wave feminism. 2021 MCUAvengers x Reader Bucky Barnes x Reader Carol Danvers x Reader Gamora x Reader Hope van Dyne x Reader Loki Laufeyson x Reader Maria Hill x Reader Michelle Thor. 12:51: in which 10k loves you so so much, just not in the way you want him to; currently writing: peter parker x reader based on ed sheeran’s photograph; carol danvers x avenger reader pt 2 Mar 28, 2019 · carol danvers x reader, reader gets turned against carol and uses her powers against her. Mar 04, 2019 · Carol is not the first female character whose origin story is innately tied to a male character (She-Hulk was created from a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, X-23 is a clone of Wolverine, Kate Bishop got permission from a guy to call herself Hawkeye…you see my point here). Pairing: Carol Danvers | Captain Marvel x Fem!Reader. You were resting in your room at the Avengers compound with a broken arm and leg. Televisione. As not much of an X-Men reader, Storm Jul 30, 2019 · Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Carol Danvers-If You See Her - Chapter 1 > Chapter 2 > Chapter 3 > Chapter 4 > Chapter 5 > Chapter 6 > Chapter 7 > Chapter 8 > Chapter 9 > Chapter 10 > Chapter 11 > Chapter 12 > Chapter 13 > Chapter 14 > Chapter 15 > Chapter 16 - Her. Air Force in the 1960s, In the comic books, Danvers was born human but acquired superpowers after an alien explosion (more on that a bit later). Scarlett Shorts . Much later, after Mar-Vell died, Carol took the name Captain Marvel and became the hero we saw in the movie. Spare change left on the dusty floors, opposite to the cigar smoke which raised to the ceiling, staining it and out the vents. Chapter 10. They begin to get more and more distant leading to relationship strains. Originally posted by bongjoonsho. Carol Danvers appeared in the game, but only in the PSP port. Other Characters: Michael (mentioned) Fandom: Supernatural. Marvel fic where the character and carol meet again after years apart? Carol Danvers grew up as the oldest child of three in a traditional Boston home, with a contractor father who believed in the merits of hard work. Created by writer Roy Thomas and designed by artist Gene Colan, Major Carol Danvers first appeared as a member of the United States Air Force in Marvel SuperHeroes 13 (March 1968) and debuted as th Mar 04, 2019 · Carol is not the first female character whose origin story is innately tied to a male character (She-Hulk was created from a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, X-23 is a clone of Wolverine, Kate Bishop got permission from a guy to call herself Hawkeye…you see my point here). Her powers include enhanced strength, stamina, agility, and durability, as well as flight, and almost total immunity to toxins and poisons. Marvel wonder Matt Taylor created two enamel pins for the film back in January, that Mondo is releasing alongside the film’s home video release. Bucky Barnes. Cheering. “You’re safe” whispered her. Nov 20, 2019 · The Marvel Rundown: The dawn of Dark CAPTAIN MARVEL brings a nightmare to the Marvel U. She looks at you with a hint of sadness, “you want some company?” Kara Danvers X Reader X Carol Danvers -The Other Parts To the Series Summary: With a visit from Strange as requested by Carol, the reader finds themselves in a bigger dilemma. Wanda maximoff. Mick Mars. Marvel is working on the Captain Marvel movie to be released on July 6th 2018, Rather than using the original Mar Vell male version of the character they will go directly into the female version, Carol Danvers. Carol Danvers/Reader; Carol Danvers; Reader; Maria Rambeau; Fluff; idiots to lovers; maria rambeau is a good bro; Summary. You're looking like you fell in love, tonight. From his suggestion it is possible to see that Carol Danvers is intended to be the Feminist epitome: she is stronger than most of her male compatriots, faster than them, she shoots energy beams from her hands, and she is nigh indestructible. help me. I don’t own Marvel, 18+ Prompt: Hi! I don’t know if you do this, but can you do something where the reader is captured by a yandere!Diana Prince from their home world and Carol comes Apr 16, 2021 · Carol Danvers x Reader. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gene Colan, Danvers first appeared as an officer in the United States Air Force and a colleague of the Kree superhero Mar-Vell in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968). Updated - 1/22/2020 Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel Part II. Chapter Summary: September, 25, 2019 “I don’t know what to do ned. carol tries to dodge the blasts while she yells at reader, trying to make her remember who she really is. You and Clint meet because of your dog. Word Count: 2. She was featured as an NPC in the bonus "Rescue Lilandra" mission, which saw the X-Men trying to Sep 17, 2020 · CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) #22. Air Force pilot, an undercover agent and a NASA security chief - but after meeting Kree warrior Mar-Vell, Carol gained incredible powers of her own, becoming Ms. Scarlett Johansson x Reader. Hey it was either you or your best friend Carol. If we go on (finished) Just a dream (/) (blurb) The First Time: I told you I love you; The First Time I: Kissed you; Natasha x F!Reader x Carol. This arc describes as Danvers comes across a group of Brood refugees who need her help just to survive. Read Chapter 1 - Life of a Superhero from the story Male Hero Reader x Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) by Goten_TheSuperSaiyan (Nate) with 4,465 reads. Carol Danvers appare nella serie Avengers - I più potenti eroi della Terra con poteri come quelli di Binary. PAIRING: Carol Danvers x Reader. Speaking of who, you heard a knock at your door and in walked Carol. carol danvers x male reader

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